Acrylic – landscape

At the present time, there are fewer graphics to show here because this was a ‘live’ demonstration conducted for a local art group. I offered as always to show basic techniques of any medium I use, to portray any topic.

The choice was acrylic paints and the subject matter was a landscape–the view from the forest trail in the grounds of Scone Palace in Perthshire, Scotland.

The photograph was taken by me from a forest track in the grounds of Scone Palace about 2010, with the intention of painting it at some time.

For the session, I informed the members of the group that I’d be experimenting in two ways with the piece.

– I would be working wet-on-wet, which isn’t how I would normally work, but I wanted to remain active and keep the session moving forward–not waiting for layers or colours to dry out.

– I set out to use a 2-inch brush to create a base coat but continued with the same brush throughout.

The painting as it appeared for the demonstration, using the 2-inch brush (Gold Taklon). The pen on the right is shown to highlight the size of the brush. I omitted the central tree from the three in the field so that the gate became more of a focal point for the exercise.

I left the painting to dry properly for two days before dealing with detail using a range of brush sizes



Photographs of progress were taken by a member of the group and when they are available I will add them to this page.





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