Vondel Park – Amsterdam

This was painted with acrylics on a primed stretched canvas of 20 x 16 ins (approx 50cm x 40cm. I used gold Taklon brushes.


1. No need for priming but for my personal satisfaction, I coated the canvas in blue. This works both to get rid of the white background and to get a feel for the sky colouring.




2. An area of green creates areas to use as the base area and the base of the central feature. At this stage there is no requirement to get the colours ‘right’.






3. A foundation of the woodland now creates more structure and helps to balance the sky, treeline, lake, and base.




4. When content with the main  treeline, I add the skeletons of the featured trees.

Next is the main shadowed areas which create a 3D effect.


5. I created the main foliage and introduced the overhanging tree from the left foreground.

This was followed by adding the footpaths, and the base reflections, remembering to use ‘mirror-image for trunks and branches.


6. Foliage added to the trees in the reflection, and detail added to the grassy bank in the foreground.

This is followed by more detail, like benches and more shadow. Followed by ‘top layer’s on the entire picture to highlight colours and bring features to life.


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